Discovery Friday should be a school holiday

First, I think we can all agree that Barnes & Noble’s “Discovery Friday” is an AWESOME name for an event because it brings together two of the greatest things in life — “discovering stuff” and “Friday.”  I especially like the “Discovery” part because it sounds scientific. (Is it me, or does science just make everything cooler?) And you gotta love Friday — it lives right next door to Saturday!

(Not that I’m saying anything bad about the rest of the week… but there’s a reason no one thanks God it’s Monday.)

Now for the bad news: Friday, as sweet as it is, is still a school day. That means the only thing I’ll be “discovering” Nov. 22 is the stretchability limit of my underpants. (As you know, Friday wedgies are the worst… probably because they have to last three days.) So as much as I’d like to be there at Barnes & Noble signing books and having fun, I’ve got class. Fortunately, my co-author, Ron Bates, is completely classless. Also, he doesn’t go to school. So if you happen to be at the B&N store in Southlake, TX, between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Discovery Friday, he’ll be very happy to meet you and sign autographs and generally take credit for the book, even though I pretty much wrote the whole thing by myself.

Anyway, go have a great time on Discovery Friday and don’t worry about me. My latest invention is a high-voltage waistband that should make Friday wedgies a thing of the past. (Come on, it’s electric underwear — what could possibly go wrong?)



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