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He who controls the sewers controls everything. The Greeks knew it. The Romans knew it. Now you know it.

So begins The Unflushables, a new comic-adventure novel from Ron Bates. It tells the story of Sully Stringfellow, a 13-year old with a secret life and more problems than he can handle. Not only is he growing up in Nitro City, the most explosive place in America, he’s dodging sewer monsters, a corporate goon squad, and hissullyback1 arch nemesis Izzy Cisco. And if that weren’t bad enough, there’s a Phantom Clogger out there blocking the school’s toilets! His only hope is to find the legendary agents of P.L.U.N.G.E.–the Plumbers League of UnNaturally Gifted Exceptionals. But when a grave new danger threatens the sewer, will even they be enough to save the city?

Published by Jimmy Patterson Books, and with a foreword by James Patterson, The Unflushables is in stores now. Or order online here.



Recently, Boys’ Life featured an excerpt from The Unflushables in their Heads Up section. To read chapter one on their website, go here.