He who controls the sewers controls everything. It’s a lesson Sully Stringfellow knows only too well. A 13-year old plumbing prodigy, Sully has a secret life and more problems than he can handle. Not only is he growing up in Nitro City, the most explosive place in America, he’sunflushcover7fnl dodging sewer monsters, a corporate goon squad, and his arch nemesis Izzy Cisco. And if that weren’t bad enough, there’s a Phantom Clogger out there blocking the school’s toilets! With his troubles closing in around him, Sully believes his only hope is to find the legendary agents of P.L.U.N.G.E.–the Plumbers League of UnNaturally Gifted Exceptionals. But when a danger arises that threatens the entire city, will even these masked hero-plumbers be able to save the day?

Published by Jimmy Patterson Books, with a foreword by James Patterson, The Unflushables is in stores now.



Howard Boward is a 12-year-old who knows a lot about science–but practically nothing about making friends. And since he can’t seem to make them the normal way, he decides to do something drastic: make one in his laboratory. With a little DNA, a little wonder putty, and ahtmbotscover11b whole lot of luck, he succeeds in his quest to build a best buddy. There’s just one problem… it’s a monster. Howard soon learns that having a large, hairy, goo-filled pal can turn your life upside down–especially when the monster turns out to be a huge hit with his classmates. Will the lure of popularity destroy their friendship? And more importantly, will Howard’s secret formula destroy Dolley Madison Middle School? Ron Bates’ debut novel introduces us to Howard and a zany cast of characters as they explore what it means to be a monster–and what it takes to be a friend.

How To Make Friends and Monsters is published by Zonderkidz.




It’s been a rough semester for Howard Boward, boy genius. Not only is he having to dodge snowballs (winter’s most feared weapon), Winnie McKinney, one of his closest friends, is barely speaking to him. Plus,htmbotscover11 he’s the favorite target of some unfriendly bullies who are determined to make life at Dolley Madison Middle School miserable. But that all changes when he learns about an upcoming robot-building contest. It seems perfect–Howard can demonstrate his amazing science skills, and at the same time, finally show up his science rival, Gerald “G-Force” Forster. Unfortunately, the only way to win is by using his secret “monster goo”, a formula with dangerous and unpredictable side effects. Can Howard resist the temptation? Or will he unleash a robot rampage that could wreck the town?

How to Survive Middle School And Monster Bots is published by Zonderkidz.